Famous little black dress with a twist!

This past weekend I tried on an amazing black Theory dress.  It was a perfectly fitted staple to add to my closet, already adorning a perfect accessory a thin, black and gold belt. (A good one too, unlike the fake cheap ones added to dresses just to give you an idea of how to accessorize the dress.)

Trying on this dress, I thought about my wardrobe and how I have failed to invest in that perfect LBD (little black dress).  Wondering why I had always passed on such a classic piece in the past definitely made me think about why the LBD even became known as a “staple.”  Why have so many woman (especially stars like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie) continued to dawn this look time after time?  I think the most obvious answer to the proceeding question lies in our star-struck gazes while viewing the photos below.  Each designer these actresses are wearing has taken the perfect LBD, a “staple,” and so creatively given it a fun, quirky and tastefully (might I add) an unusual twist, that many designers in the past have not.

Who doesn't love Blake Lively in this bad-gal number by D&G?

Leave it to Leighton Meester to find the edgiest LBD around, but like I said earlier definitely a fun twist compared to your everyday, black dress. A risk that designer Christopher Kane chose to make, unlike many others.

When does Michael Kors ever make a bad design? This dress is a perfect combination of bringing out the more classic side of an edgy piece. And what better actress to rock this look than Fergie, a woman with some edge who gets in touch with her classic sense of style for a red carpet event.

Emile de Ravin showing off her gorgeous gams in a more sexier number than normal designed by Oscar de la Renta.

Gemma Arterton wears sheer cutouts gracefully, by Gucci

Another Oscar de la Renta gown, this time showing more of his classier Audrey Hepburn designs worn by Kristin Davis.

Alexa Davalos proves that a one-shouldered gown can still be 100% classic, especially when designed by Ralph Lauren, a man who exudes timelessness in all of his collections.

Who would have thought Angelina Jolie would start a trend after rocking a strapless, black, leather-cocktail dress and making it seem timeless. Similar looks are continuously dawned on the Red Carpet, like this Thomas Wylde dress on Miley Cyrus.

Jennifer Aniston is the queen or sporting the famous LBD, but very rarely does she wear one with such a twist like this sequined, skirted Valentino micro-mini.

I can easily see myself rocking a shorter depiction of this Rachel Roy dress worn by Kate Hudson at any club downtown!

Kate Winslet in another beautiful piece dawning sexy, lace cut-outs.

Love the one-shouldered, grecian look to this dress. It flatters Mila Kunis beautifully!

Love the one-shouldered, Grecian look to this dress. It flatters Mila Kunis beautifully!

After seeing how the celebrities above have all chosen to wear such beautiful black numbers on the red carpet over any other color, I believe it is safe me to assume that for any event, any day, any time it is safe to say that one can never go wrong with an LBD.  Seeing the beautiful effect that the above dresses has had on all the stars yet again proves to me that a black dress whether long or short, one-shouldered or strapless, leather or silk, sequined or lace, belted or gathered, has and will remain a “staple” because it is an option that never fails. Usually more times than not, this is the time stars can skip out on the fear of being worst dressed.

That is why one should always own that perfect go to black dress and/or that famous LBD with a twist, because when in doubt go for the black dress.  If I am afraid of my dress to appearing boring then I will add fun colored pump or different colored jewelry to spice things up and drawn one’s attention in.


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