Spring’s Top Five Must Have Looks: #4 Abstract Prints

I am absolutely loving all the jaw-dropping prints that celebrities, as wells many women in general, are daring to wear.  The Via C department at Nordstrom in Fashion Valley Mall is beginning to carry more and more of the brand “Helmut Lang” and designs the edgiest, but still flattering, pieces for women with a reoccurring abstract print throughout their entire 2010 Spring Collection that is just mystifying!  What I really envy about this collection compared to any of the other abstract collections I have seen is the brand’s ability to mix such a bold and abstract print with the everyday classic colors like black and white and then going on to add only splashes of color here and there throughout each piece.  This tactic kept the collection from being overdone in all its trendiness, therefore women of all ages and all cultures can dawn any look from this brand and still look beautiful without being over the top and still exude confidence, classic and poise all in one!

Although I talk about loving how well Helmut Lang did their abstract collection, that does not mean I have not found many other pieces by many other brands that I do not love just as much.  As much as I like to be classic, I still like to be different and stand out on my own.  Now I know any abstract print will do that for me, but lots of color will help with that as well :)!  Designer brands like Giambattista Valli, Herve Leger by Max Azria, Diane Von Furstenberg and even non-designer stores like American Apparrel, Urban Outfitters and surprisingly J. Crew are creating some fun and edgy abstract pieces.

Big celebrities like Zoe Saldana, Amanda Seyfried, Anna Paquin, Camilla Belle (whom I love), Leighton Meester (a repeat offender, but I continue to love it) and so many more continue to walk to red carpet dressed as if they had just been the muse and canvas to an artist earlier in the day.  And now even my mom will be dawning an abstract printed DVF (Diane Von Furstenberg) dress to a wedding she is attending in San Francisco next weekend and man is she going to rock it!  Of course many of the pictures below are stars dawning these bold prints in micro mini dresses, but there are plenty of gorgeous blouses, skirts, jackets and even tapered pants displaying fun and similar prints.  If you are on a budget I recommend Forever Twenty-One of course; that store never fails to have so many look a-likes and a newer store I have recently come to love is H&M thanks to traveling in San Francisco and shopping online.  (I am not sure what it is, but the San Diego H&M is not holding up to its standards.)

I think this trend has to be my favorite of all for this coming Spring what better way to look and feel beautiful and sexy than by wearing a gorgeous, creative and different prints like these.  If you feel that pattern is too bold, I would definitely stick to minimal jewelry and wearing a more classic shoe.  (Again a nude peep-toe pump is perfect with this trend because then you are letting the print stand on its own and drawing the eye in one place.)

Zoe Saldana

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2010


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