Spring’s Top 5 Must Have Looks: #3 Tapered Trouser Pant

So I was in San Francisco this past weekend staying at the Marriott downtown by Union Square and of course I could not miss out on an exciting shopping experience with all the new trends out for this Spring!  There are so many options available in this city from all the great department stores to  the quirky vintage stores that there is truly never enough time to get through all of them.  One brand that I absolutely love and have continued to wear a few pieces by, but had never actually been in the store, is “Club Monaco.”  I was so excited when I saw one in the Westfield Mall that I practically sprinted  inside!  It’s casual, cool clothes worn to any event and go from day to-night by simply adding or taking off one layered piece.

Anyways the brand has created an amazing collection this Spring, probably one of the best I have seen so far.  Their clothes represent an edgier mix of Banana Republic and J. Crew with that same classic, cool, relaxed style and feel.  I was even able to find these amazing tapered ankle slacks available in black and grey that will be great for going to work in or even going out on the town!  I had actually been looking for a pair that weren’t over done, being that I am not  walking the runway, but still had the trendy feel I wanted!  These Club Monaco pants do exactly that with their perfect light-weight wool feel, the relaxed fit around the leg and my favorite a subtle chocolate on the black or black on the grey button detail for when I want to wear a blouse tucked in.  Best of all they were only $139 and even better: students get %20 discount!

I know $139 may seem pricey to some for a pair of pants, but these aren’t just any pants, they are the go to fit for spring and a great substitute for your regular, everyday jeans!  (I know we have all spent over $100 on at least one pair of jeans in the past.)  These pants are worn casual or dressy and are also perfect for when you want to rock the menswear look!  (Another style that will continue to remain popular in the Spring!)  Wear tapered ankle pants like these out on the town with a slouchy vest worn open with a sheer blouse underneath that has a girly print to counteract the vest and slacks and the outfit is ready-to-wear!  I also love the look of mixing these pants with a boyfriend blazer or a cropped leather jacket for  when the weather is a bit on the colder side.  Pair the look with ankle boots, menswear lace-up flats, or even just your basic peep-toe pumps and your set!  I plan to pair the slacks I just got with a great nude wedge which will help elongate my leg, since they are an ankle pant one can risk looking short and stumpy in this look if the slacks don’t fit right or do not mix well with the shoes. One actress who rocked this look perfectly is Victoria Beckham!


2 responses to “Spring’s Top 5 Must Have Looks: #3 Tapered Trouser Pant

  1. Geoffrey Bernardi

    I LOVE tapered trouser pants! In fact I have some on RIGHT NOW!!

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