Academy Award’s Nude Starlets:

So I already said how nude is this spring’s color… and yet again starlets proved it at this year’s 2010 Academy Awards. ¬†Every woman displayed some version of nude whether it have a silver, gold, pink or any other tone in the nude family these Hollywood gals displayed beauty and poise at the Oscars!

Anna Kendrick a newcomer who starred in "Up In The Air," some may better know her from "Twilight" dawned Elie Saab at this year's Osacrs

I love the elegant draping of this dress along with the subtle fabric and color. I especially adore the lace detail at the dresses slit in front.

The detail on the back of this Elie Saab dress is my favorite part about it... there is something about button detailing on a dress that I love. I once went to a wedding where the bride wore a gorgeous, ivory dress that just beautifully skimmed her curves perfectly and all along her backside in the middle from the top to the bottom was a button detail just like this, I loved it!

Miley Cyrus flaunted her own version of Cinderella in a gown by Jenny Packham

I have to admit I was very surprised with Cyrus' choice... the dress is perfect for her in my opinion. The cut, color, and detail of this dress are all very much in style, trend-savvy and just down right gorgeous for her. The subtle sparkle detail and the tulle skirt mixed with the fitted, satin bodice give it both enough edge and glamour without going overboard and still allowing her to look young and youthful!

Now if only she could shake that slouch or maybe barrow someone else's stance for the evening. I can't tell if the dress is to tight around her waist or up top in the dress and therefore does not fit well or if it is just the way she is standing.

Demi Moore looked beautiful and as usual not showing her age at all while wearing a gown by Atelier Versache.

This one is my favorite out of all the nude dresses, it is very different and unique in its own way without being over-the-top and too much. Props to Demi!!

The way the dress moves when she walks is so perfect in all its elegance that you can tell this was hand-crafted and that each tier of ruffles lays nicely over the other without adding bulk to the bottom half of the figure.

Kate Winslet looked stunning as usual in Atelier Yves Saint Laurent

I know that many others found this dress boring, which I disagree with completely! Some made that statement when comparing it to her dresses in the past, which is legitimate, but I still don't think boring is the correct word. If you are comparing this with one Winslet's dresses at the Oscars in the past then the only thing you will find that you are able to say is different. At the end of the day less is more and Kate Winslet proves that statement in this dress!

This dress of course is more on the silver and gold side of the nude family, but still very subtle in color and more bold in its embellishment, which I would love to see in person.  This cut is very cinderella and I love how Cameron Diaz added her own spunky personality by wearing red/pink lipstick and her hair down in voluptuous waves!

Sandra Bullock channeled old hollywood glamour in sleek straight hair with a slight curl towards the bottom, a slight twist from the usual red lipstick in more of pink shade and a beautiful lace and sequins embellished Marchesa gown.

Diane Kruger uses the dress' nude color to really make all the different detail and black accents on her gown really pop and get notice by the eye. I think she looks lovely in this Chanel Couture number.


One response to “Academy Award’s Nude Starlets:

  1. Hi Honey,
    I loved all the Oscar Dresses this year and I loved Rachel, Sandra and Cameron. And Demi always looks so young and beautiful. Thank you for your thoughts and the beautiful pictures. Love you, Mom

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