Academy Awards – Fashion Risk Takers

The 2010 Academy Awards were anything, but predictable when it came to fashion especially for some of my favorite actresses who chose to step out on that big, long red carpet in gowns that shocked us all, but left me in awe at the end of the event.  I’ll start with Maggie Gyllenhal and Rachel McAdams who both chose to set themselves apart from the carpet and their fellow actresses in beautiful, eye-catching floral gowns, that screamed summer beauty for the both of them.  Gyllenhal chose a Dries Van Noten satin, high-color impact gown from his most recent 2010 spring collection, which I love because it is full of so much pattern and high-detailed accents all of which really bring each piece of the collection to life.  And the Dries Van Noten number did just that for Gyllenhaal; it brought she and those gorgeous green eyes to life thus drawing in all our eyes!  McAdams chose a strapless Elie Saab gown, more subtle in color than Gyllenhal’s, but still just as beautiful.  The dress was perfect for Rachel McAdams because the dresses shape really showed her romantic side, while still grabbing all of our attention as the long-floral train continued to flow down the carpet.  Props to both of them for choosing to go a different route than the others!

This picture right here proves Rachel McAdam’s gown was so worth the risk, she looks absolutely gorgeous and gets my vote for *Best Dressed*

The last risk taker, Zoe Saldana, has been on my best dressed list for all the award shows this season, but last night’s choice has left me frazzled and has yet to really win my vote.  I will not deprive her the compliment that she looked beautiful, but at the same time there is rarely a moment when she doesn’t, therefore I am not sure the gown really did anything to accentuate her beauty.  Although I found the Givenchy number she chose a bit too overpowering as far as the bottom ruffle and different color hue detail, Saldana is so tall and lengthy that I found she was able hold her own in this dress without getting lost.  But overall, the top half of the dress and the bottom half of the dress looked as if two different designers made them and then eventually put them together, doing their best to make it work somehow.  I absolutely love the gown’s nude, rhinestone, bodice being held up by its modern, wide belt.  And I will not lie, I do enjoy the bottom’s dramatic and innovative flair, but at the end of examining the dress as a whole I just don’t necessarily like them together.  When it comes to fashion, I am very much a “less is more” kind of stylist and I also like to see a sense of monochromatic to a garment, especially in a gown.  When or if there is a big accent or detail drawing the eye in i.e. the ruffled, ombre bottom and/or the rhinestone bodice of this Givenchy dress it is best to let one or the other play its own role and the rest of the gown kind of fall into simplicity.  Overall I will compliment Saldana for her powerful risk because I know many other people can honestly say the loved the gown and I of course am still thinking about it, therefore she caught all our attentions!


One response to “Academy Awards – Fashion Risk Takers

  1. I must say that I loved how Zoe rocked it. Yes, I know a lot of folks hated her dress, including my Ma.

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