Spring’s Top Five Must Have Looks: #2

So I was at work the other day and due to this slow time of year, I was shopping, and not selling.  Sometimes this can come as an advantage to me or vise-versa.  Fortunately, it ended in my favor when I saw that the “TBD” department @ NORDSTROM got this amazing new blazer by one of its own vendors known as “Hinge.”  This blazer is to die for in so many ways; the main reason being that it has all the necessities a spring piece should have!  It is the perfect shape and form of a menswear, double-breasted blazer, without looking boxy, short or unflattering on the figure.  It is available in two different colors: black and nude.  That brings me to my next fabulous point about this piece: I’m sure that by this time most of us already own a black, boyfriend blazer of which we love, but I believe few of us own that one great, nude blazer.  This “Hinge” blazer is the piece to buy in its nude color being that “nude” is the color of the season.  When I saw this blazer, better yet when I put on this blazer and its silk fabric laid just right, pairing perfectly with a top and jeans I happened to have on for work that day, I knew I needed to have it right then and there and eventually blog all about it!  This blazer is gorgeous and so easy to throw on when completing any look and what better way to sport one of spring’s biggest trends than by wearing a perfectly fitting, only $98, silk, nude blazer found at NORDSTROM.

You see there is something so very mysteriously sexy and subtle about mixing and matching all the beige you own in your closet.  The nude color is so flattering on the eye this spring that it will literally do the talking for you.  All that is left for you is walking, while letting each piece you are wearing come to life and really work its magic on your body.  This look has been done in so many ways and like I said before a blazer like the one by “Hinge” can really complete any ensemble you have created around this trend.

My only advice of caution would be to make sure that each garment you choose to wear really in the nude color family fits you nicely and has some degree of hanging appeal.  When I say hanging appeal, I mean make sure it is loose in the right areas.  Lets face it we don’t all have model bodies, therefore some garments in beige tend to show all the good, but all the bad as well.  Thus,  if the garment is not made well or just does not fit there will be consequences.  Although, if you do have basic nude pieces that skim your curves without clinging, you can really rock the nude look anywhere, anytime! This is definitely one runway look that can go from the catwalk to the streets 24/7!


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