Designer’s Spring 2010 Nude Collections

It was amazing to find how many famous designers came out with gorgeously detailed-nude looks for this coming spring.  Like I was saying before, the nude look is definitely one of spring’s top 5 must have looks, because it is so easy, yet so mysterious and sexy!  It leaves just enough to the imagination, while one can still be completely covered.  Some of my favorite designers like 3.1 Phillip Lim, Calvin Klein, Fendi, and Burberry all proved that nude ensembles will be doing most of the talking for us this spring!


2 responses to “Designer’s Spring 2010 Nude Collections

  1. I really love this! I feel like anything in nude can never go out of style, it’s so classic.

  2. Love the nude designs!
    Right now I’m in desperate need of a shopping spree. My staple stores are Nordstrom, Guess, Bebe, etc. But it’s eating away at my wallet! What store(s) do you recommend for a broke college student to pick up a quick last minute work outfit or an outfit for a night out, that won’t cost my entire paycheck?

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