Tracy Reese’s surprising, yet delightful collection

Hello all you enthusiastic fashion bloggers!  I know we are all getting a little anxious and excited to see what trends are going to big for this upcoming spring!  Who better to take advice from then the buyers at Nordstrom who recently attended New York’s fashion week!?  One specific designer surprised the buyers when they expected to see many girly styles and floral prints come down the runway, but instead Tracy Reese rocked their world when many of her pieces were edgy, slim-fitting, embellished and high shine.  Her silhouettes are cut super close to the body, skimming along the figure perfectly.  A large part of her dresses and skirt had body-accentuating ruching and pleading, along with the rest of her collection having great details of lace mixed with a high-shine fabric or great embellishment mixed with jersey-knit pieces.  I think these trends are definitely styles we can all look forward to in the spring.  Nothing better than letting our clothes do the walking and us do the talking with bad gal looks like these!!


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