Wearing couture off the runway…

When pulling any look from the runway to an everyday event there are two big questions you must ask yourself when seeing the outfit on the runway: Do I need to make any changes? Is it flattering? (If not, how can I make it more flattering?)  Some looks may only need simple changes like adding a different hair style, changing the style of the shoe, or adding a belt so that whomever is actually wearing the look out on the town can feel comfortable and at ease in the look they are trying to pull off.  Other ensembles will not be this simple to turn into everyday wear.  Many runway looks call for shortening or lengthening the hemlines and/or neckline, maybe cutting out excess fabric (if you are petite), and lastly maybe taking away some of the artful decoration if it is overpowering.  Do not fear bloggers these changes are all very possible and many stars have proved it!  Below I have shown two ladies who took looks from the runway to the red carpet; one making more drastic changes to the look than the other! Enjoy!!


One response to “Wearing couture off the runway…

  1. I love this tip… maybe next time you could show some normal everyday women… I don’t necessarily need to see how the exact looks from the runway look on the street… I want to see how I can take the looks from the runway and turn them into my own!!

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