Runway to Ready-Wear!

Hey bloggers my name is Hayley Jerri and I am here to give you fashion forward advice on how to take any season’s biggest trend in the fashion shows from the runway to the streets.  I am sure that most of you out there are probably wondering why you should take my advice; well I have worked at Nordstrom in the San Diego Fashion Valley Mall as a sales associate in the Individualist department for over a year now.  Every week I continue to see the trends that come in and out of the market along with different types of women trying on these styles.  I can tell you what works for whom and what does not, along with how to make even the edgiest trend look classic and cool.  Along with my job, I completely obsess over the fashion world from day to-night doing my best to keep up with the newest season’s trends and styles by watching the fashion shows and reading our favorite magazines like Marie Claire, Glamour, Elle, InStyle, Vogue, and so many more!

My blog page is here for you to take a break from your busy world by getting the chance to dive into a whole other world of clothes, accessories, trends, brand names, different looks, designer collections and anything else that I can offer to you from the world of fashion through pictures and writing.  By reading my blog daily, you will see how you are able to dress stylish and trend-savvy, but still look classy and chic all at the same time!  I will show my readers how to find the perfect looks for each trend through many ensembles that anyone can create.  I will be researching online, magazines, television and more to give all you fashion bloggers out there with the tools you need to wear runway style in your everyday life!  I will also do my best to let you all know what stores you can shop at to find all the latest trends, what editions of the magazines have great tips,  and what stars to watch for when following their style.

I believe fashion is more than just being stylish by wearing designer names or trendy clothes, it is about the creativity and innovative thought that fashion’s biggest designers had while making their collections for that particular season.  For us to dress fashion forward, we have to be able to recreate these runway looks by mix and matching the classic, trendy, and cool pieces available and affordable to us in our daily lives.  Although, we may not all be able to wear real runway clothing and couture, we can all still wear runway style and that is what I am going to prove to you through my blog.  Because the looks we continue to see on the runway are so expressive and beautifully thought-out, I strongly believe that anyone and everyone will want to live their lives in style-savvy looks like these! I hope you all enjoy and any questions, feedback, or comments are more than welcome!!!


One response to “Runway to Ready-Wear!

  1. I’m so excited, this looks fantastic… I can’t wait til you start posting photos!

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